Putting LowestLox on t'Map?


…as a place to avoid like The Plague?

Who is writing this garbiage? (I think I might guess)

“…now it’s somewhere they might show their Art!”

Interesting observation, Wuss! Now I just happen to have a couple of pieces of “Art” I found recently in my kitties’
litter-box which they had very carefully buried, obviously realizing its value on the Commercial Market. Here, help yourself, but do take care, it’s much easier to handle once it has dried out, and tends to keep its shape better too. Notice how this piece is reminiscent of Christ on The Cross?


This is a Tim Stimpson week, Sturmers.


And doesn’t it show…


Bingo! (…and I didn’t even crib! (…honest!))

I think VanBlessa would be so proud!


Once again we see the SWs’ anti-intellectual bias, though. Why is it not possible for someone in TA to have an appreciation of the arts without being written as an object of general derision? Lynda’s a pretentious bully, Jim an intellectual snob and now Russ—an appalling character to begin with—gets lectured by Kenton, of all people; a man whose idea of high art is his collection of Marvel comics (or whatever they were).

Ambridge would be an appallingly philistine place to live.


Because the programme is framed with the English* lower middle classes in mind, I imagine.

One RussPluss is that he has formed an accurate estimation of the Snell-beast; another that he returns Kenton’s dislike with interest.

*not a mistake. English.


The ones who dive for the off button as soon as Barwick Green starts, lest they accidentally hear any of Front Row? You’re probably right.

On another point, I got an email from an artist in mid-March:

Hi Joe,

I hope all’s well with you.

After quite a few years away, I’m back living in Dublin and I’m working on a new project.
It’s due to be shown in the Kerlin Gallery in January 2020, and I was wondering if you might be interested in being involved?

It would involve some pre-recording and also a live performance aspect too.
I wonder would you be free to meet at some point and I can tell you a bit more about the project?

Note: “I’m working on a new project”; she was well into the process before she contacted me. I met her at her studio on 28th March so she could show me what she’d done so far and outline the idea and how she saw it developing, then met a week ago with the singer involved to do some initial recording. There will be two or three more sessions before it’s ready—the next one’s scheduled for August. That’s just the music, of course.

Russ’s idea was only mooted about a fortnight ago, yet a new multi-room installation has been (presumably) commissioned*, planned, created and installed?

As so often, this SL is complete bollocks.

*Paid for by whom? Did the Arts Council have a cancellation for a commission award?


And the entire gallery has been repainted, don’t forget that aspect of things! That must have taken up at least a couple of the days, more like four if it was allowed to dry properly.

It’s slightly more than eleven days, isn’t it? Elizabeth and Russ were looking around and discussing how to improve the gallery on 18th April, so I assume at that point he’d been given the job. I make it nineteen days to arrange and mount the (highly derivative, if it was taped floors) exhibition, which he mooted on or just before 21st April, sixteen days before it was opened.


…only to be expected from the infamous Stympleton TrypeWryter!


Was he behind PoxFest too, I wonder?


Well, what a surprise—The “Dream Team” (if you’ve been on too much cheese late at night):



Aaaaargh. It’s all coming back (that’s best part of five yearsworth of vomit, for the less numerate among us)


Or in Stimpleton’s world, about a month.


I’m going to need a smaller bucket, then?


Actually, where was the artist in all of this? It wasn’t Russ, as far as I can tell (though he’s certainly pretentious enough to refer to himself in the third person) so who was it? I ve never known of one who didn’t turn up to their own opening.

Well, Banksy, I suppose.


If it wasn’t Jim Lambie it was a crib and a cheat.


Not with Stimpleton. It’s only the time that unfeasibly reduced, not the emetic effect. He’s well capable of inducing five years’ worth of nausea in a single episode.


Strewth. Normally I need to drink eleventeen pints at a dodgy pub for that.


I vaguely remember him saying something about ‘local contacts’: ‘exciting work’ might also have been mentioned (you wouldn’t make me LA, now wouldya?)
To me it was clear that he was curating, not exhibiting.


In which case, why was Russ doing the spiel? Rather presumptuous, don’t you think?

In any case, there is a pretty strong argument against the sort of X = Y allegorical interpretation that Russ was spouting. Art, if it has any function, is supposed to raise questions, not answer them. If an artwork can be explained in words, then you don’t need the artwork.

No wonder Russ ended up as a teacher…