Radio Times Ambridge Diary 14-19 May

David needs cash following the fallout from the IBR outbreak and approaches his brother for help. Kenton assumes that a free meal at The Bull will suffice, while what David is really after is a repayment of the loan he stumped up for when the pub needed repairs. Now, if only Kenton hadn’t made that recent investment in Toby’s gin business …
Toby’s venture could be in danger, thanks to his moping at the bungalow. Can Rex energise his brother before he throws it all away?
Finally, Miranda calls round to the Dower House and warns Lilian over the move she’s making from mistress to wife-to-be. Does she realise that she’s merely creating a vacancy for the next “other woman”?

Thanks to FleetingEileenM from Sue’s Mustardland

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