Radio Times Ambridge Diary 26-31 March

It’s Archer v Archer as Tom’s anger with the Brookfield contingent boils over when the IBR infection spreads to Bridge Farm. Tony stays stoic, remarking that David isn’t the farmer his father was, while Tom vows to make him pay …

Clarrie, meanwhile, struggles with the complicated breakfast orders at Grange Farm’s B&B. Enter Emma to the rescue.


Yay, cattw plague of Doom in Ambridge! Dig a huge pit, drive 'em in, shoot 'em, set 'em on fire. And the cattw.


Noooo, Hedgers, spare the coos.

Thanks for posting, Janie. "David isn’t the farmer his father was’ - oh dear. Are you thinking what I’m thinking…

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No, what are you thinking? Do tell!

Decency precludes a full run-down of my current thoughts; but, re the ‘isn’t the farmer his fatehr was’ comment, that suggests to me that Champion the Wonderpip hasn’t been identified as the culprit. I would be delighted to be proved wrong.


Oh, yes, I’m afraid I did assume that Pip had not yet been blamed. Sadly.

I just hope that Pip being ‘on edge’ (next Thursday’s one-liner) means either her conscience is troubling her or she’s been found out and is in huge trouble, preferably the latter. What a vile creature she is, wanting to get her hands on the person who brought the disease to Brookfield, wanting to kick Josh (to be fair, who wouldn’t) for breaking the fence … not an iota of blame for herself.

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Incidentally, Fanta, who does not read spoilers, has predicted that David will be blamed at first. Must remember to offer congrats for an accurate prediction when this happens, as I presume from the above that it will.

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