Radio Times Ambridge Diary 30 July-4 August:

It’s good to see that Matt Crawford hasn’t lost his touch. Despite having only been back for a mere couple of months, he’s managed to get on the wrong side of just about everybody.
Alistair certainly isn’t keen on Anisha doing business with him, while Rex is also voicing his concern about the issue. And it’s not just in business that Matt is causing ructions: Lilian is struggling to fight her feelings for her old love as she sets a date for her wedding to current love Justin. I predict some very messy nuptials.
Elsewhere, Adam installs CCTV to put the pickers’ minds at rest following the daubing of racist graffiti on the caravans. Plus Roy reveals to Kirsty that he’s developed a crush on a fellow villager. But who?

Thanks to FleetingEileenM from the Bowman board

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Carol? Christine? Jill? Or… In a surprise twist. Oliver?
Just as long as his crush(?) Isn’t on boring ruddy Kirsty, herself.

Gotta be Lexi.

I don’t fancy hearing him boring Kirsty !