Radio Times Ambridge Diary Apr 28-May 3

Is there a thief in Ambridge? A shocked Clarrie certainly thinks so when she discovers some donations to the Lent fund in Nic’s name have gone missing. As Susan turns detective, she thinks she has unmasked the light-fingered villager, but is she barking up the wrong tree?
Over at Lower Loxley, Freddie has some pep put into his step thanks to efforts made by a surprising source. With a new zest for life, Freddie pitches his plan, but is interrupted by an unexpected visitor from Lily’s past. Will Elizabeth be mentally strong enough to cope when a startling truth is revealed?
Tom’s strange behaviour leads to Helen asking questions. And a job with Tim leaves Ed feeling out of his depth.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Is that supposed to help at all?

Fire. That’s yer man. They need killing with it. Possibly from orbit, although at this hour it’s mainly confusion and a sad lack of spaceships.


Does Lily HAVE “a past” ?


Darling, it’s her having a future that is the big worry. I’d be prepared to superglue bits of meself to ditto of Salford for the cause.

One of you will bring drinks, yes? And a long and bendy straw, ideally


Susan’s job is to be Comically Wrong, so I know which way I’d bet.


Walking the battlements*, stark mad in white samite. (Very poor footing on those battlements.)

* there have always been battlements at Lower Loxley.

“Why aren’t you doing all my work as well as your own, as usual?”

“And so you pour the cement round their feet…”

Sadly, the ISS ground track doesn’t go quite far enough north. Do you an asteroid? (“Medium rare in Slough.”)

I fear they probably know about acetone.


George nicked the collection from the church, he has probably had this as well.