Radio Times Ambridge Diary April 10-14

Brookfield becomes the scene of Apprentice-style drama as Josh pitches his latest concept for the farm’s development. But when David and Ruth pour cold water on it, an unexpected person advises him not to give up. So Josh comes up with a plan B - but now he’s after investment from an outside source. And the family might not be so pleased about getting into bed financially with this individual.
Over at Lower Loxley, Freddie tries to enhance the upcoming celebrations by tracking down the Easter bunny. There are shocked faces all round when Ruairi reveals what happened in London. And Elizabeth finds her nose pushed out of joint.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of The Archers in Mustardland


‘Through the back of her skull’ would be better.


All the way round the side has possibilities too.

“Biggest rabbit stew ever!”