Radio Times Ambridge Diary April 3-7

The contempt in which Ruairi held Alice was palpable last time he was in Ambridge, so what will he make of her actions when he returns for the holidays? At the moment, she’s drawing battle lines and making a momentous decision that riles Chris even further. So, there’s every chance that tensions between her and Ruairi will also boil over once again.
Elsewhere, we have Freddie and Josh hatching plans for Easter celebrations. Both hope to expand their businesses, but there’s a strong chance one will get egg on their face. Over at Grey Gables, suspicions are raised by a new arrival, Vince makes a surprising offer and one resident comes unstuck trying to hide a secret.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of The Archers in Mustardland


Given that Josh’s business is eggs, it would be nice if that is meant literally.


It’s not that I’m a fan of Josh, but my dislike of Pip is so profound that I’d like to hear of Josh doing well. Not that I have anything particularly against Freddie. He’s nicer than his sister. That’s true of Josh, too.


'ang on, I’ve just thought…

Is Josh the easter bunny (wrong thread, I know)? Some half-arsed scheme to promote his eggs? iirc the bunny was first spotted near Brookfield. Seems daft but this is TA.