Radio Times Ambridge Diary Aug 11-16

Jim is finally taking steps to move on with his life by joining Lilian’s quiz team. But just as Alistair is breathing a sigh of relief, along comes Jazzer, whose shock admission threatens to send Jim straight back to square one.
Shula is nervous as she faces her first meeting with the Diocesan Director of Ordinands. No surprise there really; expect the appointment to get off to an immediate bad start and for Shula to make a valiant attempt to swing things in her favour.
Will, meanwhile, continues to blame himself for recent events at Grange Farm, only to confront an even bigger drama when one of the Grundys faces a dash to hospital. What will the diagnosis be?

Thanks to fleetingeileen me from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


‘Dead any time this past month’, I hope.

Or, ‘We did everything we could but she’d just lost too much blood before the ambulance got to her. Best you get yourselves home and start cleaning that bathroom, Mr and Mrs Carter’.


“Nice cathedral you’ve got here. Be a shame if it… burned down.”

“I have realised that I am in my own personal hell, and I have made my peace with that.”