Radio Times Ambridge Diary Aug 27-Sep 1

Adam has a classic soap dilemma on his hands: should he keep quiet about the intimate moment he witnessed between Lilian and Matt? Having been cheated on himself in the past, Ian has little sympathy for Lilian and thinks Adam should tell Justin the truth. But if Adam does that, The Archers could lose months of cliffhangers. Argh - what to do?
Despite the generic nature of that particular plotline, there is one story this week that could only be taking place in Ambridge. Yes, it’s the kefir challenge, where Susan is vowing to beat Clarrie. But who will bag the coveted managerial role? And who will be left crying over spilt fermented milk?

Thanks to FleetingEileenM from the Bowman board


Adam should blackmail Matt or Lilian or both.