Radio Times Ambridge Diary August 17-20

I think we’d all be reassured if Lynda started to rally, so keep your fingers crossed as she prepares an intimate evening at the B&B to get her and Robert back to normal. But with Robert distracted by a fraudulent birdwatcher, as well as his concerns over Lynda’s health, will the plan be successful?
Thankfully, Lynda’s help is much appreciated elsewhere. Her wise words put things into perspective for Emma, who forges ahead with the Flower and Produce Show. But maybe Em ought to mind where she stands - is that a rug being pulled from under her? Natasha fears she’s misjudged a situation and frets that it’s too late to put things right.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Where do they get these foolish notions?


“Look, dear. Your mother was a Horrobin and you’re a Horrobin. The best you can hope for is to be a Horrobin that’s learned to stand on its hind legs and not make messes in the house.”


I have missed Lynda

And I like to think of Emmur being trodden into the dust but Natasher’s elegant stilettos


Hmm, not sure. I do like to think of Emma being trodden into the dust, but by Natasha? Perhaps, yes but only if someone obliges by treading Natasha into the dust in her turn.

It is tricky when two people are set against each other and you can’t abide either of them.


What’s ridiculous is that they’ve never pitted Natasha and Helen against each other. I think they think that having been abused by Rob has conferred sainthood on Helen. Au contraire, she’s more entitled than ever.


But but but Helen is soooo brave and independent and such a clever business woman that she can do no wrong

Isn’t she?

And this sacking of her friend (gawds she must be desperate for friends if Emmur is the best she can do!) will nicely set her aginn Gnatasher I hope


I think they choose friendships based on lottery numbers.

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How do they pick numbers when they get to 10 and run out of fingers?