Radio Times Ambridge Diary Feb 18-23

Are the Aldridges cursed? It’s starting to feel that way, what with Martyn Gibson snapping at Brian’s heels on the BL board and a disaster befalling the family just as Jennifer is enjoying some pampering time at Grey Gables. Enter Peggy with some much-needed help, but even she hasn’t foreseen a devastating confession coming from another member of the clan.
Pip is disappointed to receive so many baby-themed birthday gifts, but is pleasantly surprised by an unexpected gesture from Toby - although her confidence takes a dip once again after an awkward encounter.
Elsewhere, Neil has a big surprise for Susan, while Nic tries to persuade a reluctant Will to take dance lessons.

The cast list includes a Dr Ranasinghe. An Alice-related incident perhaps?
(comment by eileen)

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from the Bowman Board


Re that comment: Alice isn’t in the credits, so maybe not.

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Oh, good point. What do you reckon, then? I’m mystified.

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I dunno, Janie. I suppose Alice could have rendered herself unconscious, but I feel it would be cheating a bit to have a Big Drama happening during the 1427 minutes a day that Ambridge is off air and only to hear about the aftermath…

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A cheering thort has struck me: maybe the Sinister Chemicals have caused Adam’s balls to drop off or malfunction - Poison Farm Latest: Gay Dads’ Baby Hopes Dashed being the front page story for the Westbury Courier, complete with a sadface pic of the posturing pair