Radio Times Ambridge Diary Feb 2-7

Josh is still struggling to find his place on the farm and ends up incurring the wrath of Pip when he puts his foot in it once again. And the problems continue to mount at Brookfield as Vince squeezes the family for discounts on his daughter’s wedding.
Things are looking up for staff at the pub when they attract business from corporate go-getters. This is exactly the kind of clientele they’re trying to encourage, but what Kenton and Jolene haven’t foreseen is Lynda’s plan to sabotage the event.
And with Valentine’s Day approaching, Helen is keen to make it a special occasion for her and Lee. But then comes an unexpected confession …

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


oh for heaven’s sake


Look on the bright side, something is going to go awry with Helen’s plans for Valentine’s Day. What is Lee going to confess? That he’s getting back with his ex, I hope.

You’d think she’d have not very good memories of Valentine’s Day, didn’t a drunken Jess doorstep her on that very day? And Rob being mysteriously absent on the 14th (I don’t think we ever found out where he was) had taken her to dinner the day before and told her she was dressed all wrong, too tarty, no doubt.


Six feet further down.

“Maybe one day you’ll want a favour from me. Say, you want to hire the best mobile disco in Borsetshire. (pause for laughter) Because all the others burned down.”

Not My Linda.


That it’s Johnny he really fancies, judging by tonight’s bilge.