Radio Times Ambridge Diary Jan 19-24


The main drama is set to take place away from the village as the day dawns for Jim, Alistair and Jazzer’s road trip. In an attempt to distract Jim from what he’s about to face, many jokes are made at Alistair’s expense. But can Jim put his past demons where they belong?
Back in Ambridge, the proposed changes at The Bull lead to vocal protests. Lilian digs her heels in but faces serious competition, while Jolene is torn in two.
And with Kirsty still struggling, a concerned Philip falls on his sword and makes a controversial suggestion to make her happy. But when Helen discovers what the pair are planning, she’s quick to offer Kirsty some tough love.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


They’re just teasing me now.

Usually those things happen in the opposite order.


Yes, good point!

As for the rest of the spoilers, I suppose people object to the renaming of The Bull. As it isn’t going to happen, it’s a bit hard to get excited.

And what will the ‘controversial suggestion’ be and what kind of ‘tough love’ is the lovely Helen going to dish out? Her advice always turns out so well, doesn’t it?

Is someone else going to make a graveside speech about having been abused by Harold? Sounds like it from the one-liners.


Oh fFs.

They couldn’t be milking it more if it were a Montbeliard and they Johnny the Serf.


Now that I would vote for. Teams of wild peacocks?


Re-arrange these storylines in order of dislike:

Jim/Harold Jayston
Renaming The Bull
Surrogate baby
Lee&Helen’s Romance

Give up? So did I!


Joint First Place: Jim/Harold Jayston; Surrogate baby
Third: Lee&Helen’s Romance
Fourth: Rewiyooding
Fifth: Renaming The Bull

If I’m not allowed to do the ‘joint’ thing then first place goes, by the narrowest of margins, to the surrogacy bollocks.


Good choices!

I’m quite enjoying Gavin Gunning for Kirsty, Josh’s Dodgy Dealings, Brookfield’s Bungled Barn Wedd’ns and the Grey Gables Gambling Gang on the other hand.


Oh Janie. Seek help.


I know, I’m a sad case.


Just as well we loves you, innit.


Actually, on the subject of Grey Gables, it is making me exceedingly cross that this ‘team building’ (something which makes me cross in itself, but that’s another multi-volume tirade) day has been conjured up with not the slightest nod to the logistic difficulties such a thing would entail. Possibly it’s ‘shift building’ and Kate has taken Oliver for two, or even three, fees.

Oh, and the other thing that makes me cross: Oliver is not actually an idiot. Although I suppose he has been letting the Grundys have the run of Grange Farm at a ridiculously disadvantageous rent (to him) for what seems like aeons, so presumably the personality transplant happened a long time ago and, sadly, has not been rejected.


I suppose one can be a soft touch without being an idiot. Do we discount the non-hilarious scene where he took over as a waiter in a not-very-clever salute to Fawlty Towers, I suppose. I don’t know why they think making sly references to something is clever, but apparently they do. There were quotes once snuck in from ‘Withnail and I’ one time resulting in great salutations to the writer in question of Twitter.


“These paintball guns are a bit heavy, aren’t they?”


Oh, 'im.