Radio Times Ambridge Diary Jan 6-11


Belts are being tightened at Brookfield, which prompts David to ask Kenton to repay the loan. But will David get the response he needs, or will the family be looking at a bleak 2019?
Following her change of circumstances, Jennifer is continuing to struggle. Hence Brian hatching a plan to cheer her up by throwing an impromptu birthday celebration. But with tensions rising between Adam and Alice, might the party plans go awry?
Meanwhile, the cast of The Canterbury Tales are celebrating the end of the production with a party. Be prepared for a certain amount of jostling among the stars of the show when it comes to an award for best performer …

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Kenton: “Hahahahahahahahahahahaha [wheeze] sorry, how long have you known me again?”

Kate into the Am.


Yes, Kate in the Am would be good. Plus, it gladdens my heart to hear the Brookfield lot tightening their belts. Maybe someone will point out to Pip what a waste of space and money she is.


Me, me, me. I’ll do it, I’ll do it. Please, please, please.


Oh … & we’re back on them having no money, despite Heather-pets God only knows how much now “it’s all tied-up in her pension fund”.

Well, THEY say “tied up”. It’s entirely at her choice whether to get all or some of it & so lose some of the interest.

A prime example of the SW’s forgetting what they’d done before & so ridding thenselves of the benefits of the inheritance.


In the ‘full of dead fish’ version of the Am would have been favourite, but that window of opportunity has closed


Have the cleanup actually happened yet? Or are they simply not mentioning it?


Brian said last week that they’d finished. Also that it would umpact Joleen & Kenton’s profit !


What, they might actually have one, what with all the workers who don’t already know what the Bull is like?

Ah well, it’ll just have to be a conventional drowning then.