Radio Times Ambridge Diary January 11-14

Harrison questions his own abilities following recent seismic events, but can the village bobby move on or is it time for a big rethink?
Kirsty, too, is feeling the after-effects as she faces stiff criticism from some Ambridge residents. But as she tries to put things right, there’s a danger that guilt will get the better of her. Enter Jim with a rescue plan …
Jazzer’s nocturnal activities have him tiptoeing around Greenacres, but it’s not a given that his bedfellow is so discreet.
And later in the week, there are gasps all round when something unexpected turns up on the doorstep.
Elsewhere, Helen says exactly what’s on her mind.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Helen has a mind?

Who knew?


“You know, occasionally I doubt myself. But then I take some Rennies™ and feel better.”

“It’s… a well-written script!”

“Me… me, me me… me…”