Radio Times Ambridge Diary January 22-27

Brian is worried about the future of the business - can Justin help? But then he receives some shocking news that will have repercussions for all the family. Fortunately, Ruth is ready to give Stella all the advice she needs about farm management, and David is there too, offering a shoulder to cry on. Adam is getting frustrated wading through the weeds of his own affairs, while Alice is having trouble getting hold of Ruairi just when she needs him most, until a crisis brings a surprising moment of togetherness with Chris. Elsewhere, Kate finds herself on the receiving end of a sweet gesture from Jakob.

Thanks to PinaG of Peet’s Mustardland


Why would he want to?

Jenny’s gone mute!

“It’s 150,000 gallons of maple syrup. Just wave if you want me to keep pouring.”