Radio Times Ambridge Diary July 7-12

Jim is keen to make amends for his actions, but will everyone be ready to forgive & forget? Alistair is feeling the strain following the recent revelations, and, as the stress builds, he looks set to make a terrible mistake.
At Grange Farm, things are looking up for Emma, but Ed is forced to tell a lie when faced with the wrath of Will. And he’s not the only one getting angry - more than one Ambridge resident finds themselves at the sharp end of Jazzer’s rage.
Shula, meanwhile, struggles on the anniversary of Caroline’s death until she receives support from an unexpected source.
Plus Lilian’s party proves to be a real blast, with one guest in particular stealing the show.

Thanks to pinagrigio from Peet’s


Aaargh! More and better, bigger murrains is what we need. Targeted murrains. Whatever it takes, frankly, up to and including a small gravity bomb or similar non-strategic nuclear device.

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I must confess that when I read

my black passerine heart skipped just a little as I thought “how many kilotons?”


…oooooh, that sounds fun!! I do hope it’s Death (…see E. A. Poe’s “The Mask of the Red Death: A Fantasy”)