Radio Times Ambridge Diary June 10-15

It’s all kicking off in spectacular style at Home Farm, with Brian struggling to keep a lid on his temper and one member of the family going AWOL. Adam, meanwhile is still struggling with the number of fruit pickers he has to handle, while Kate has the rug pulled from under her.
We also have Open Farm Sunday proving popular among the locals, though Pip is frustrated when Josh uses the event as an opportunity to ingratiate himself with a journalist from the Echo.
Tensions rise as the day of Shula and Alistair’s first mediation session dawns, and it’s up to other residents of Ambridge to pick up the pieces. Will Jill be able to shake off her own concerns and finally support her daughter?

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’ Board


So if neither Adam nor Kate is missing - Jenny?

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I thought it might be poorly or misleadingly worded and it is in fact Kate who goes AWOL, but perhaps it’s Alice. She didn’t show up for the meeting, after all, and they keep mentioning how she is struggling at work. And is she still drinking to excess?