Radio Times Ambridge Diary June 21-24

Alice is once again the focus of the week’s drama, when she turns up at the stables and makes a potentially dangerous request. Her plan leaves Shula with a difficult situation to deal with, while Alistair also raises concerns.
Already struggling under the weight of his secret, things become even messier for Adam when a friend is put under pressure to lie for him. With Ian making plans for their future, will Adam dig himself an even bigger hole?
At Ambridge View, Chris and Martha’s presence continues to be a strain, while over at Grange Farm, Eddie’s limo is proving to be a drain on the family’s finances - until someone spots a golden opportunity.

Thanks to PinaGrigio of ‘Peet’s Mustardland’


‘Shula, do you mind if I distill Banjo?’


o god

“I read on the Internet that ketamine is a great cure for alcoholism.”