Radio Times Ambridge Diary June 25-30

The Bridge Farm land deal is finally signed, but there’s still plenty of tension between Pat and Justin, while Tom and Helen are squabbling over how to spend the money. Looks as if we can expect family relations to remain at an all-time low for a while yet.

Over at the crease, Rex defends Anisha in the face of Will’s attitude to women on the cricket team. Such gallantry leads to a burying of the hatchet between Rex and Anisha, but they look to be keeping their relationship casual. For now.

Eddie, meanwhile, reassures Clarrie about his over-the-top advertising methods. But when Lynda finds out, she’s far from impressed and comes up with a plan.

Thanks to FleetingEileenM from the Bowman Board.


I might possibly be repeating myself here, Janie, but oh dear gawd. No. Just no. Stop it at once.

Stop what, Gus dearie? Rex and Anisha? Eddie and his shenanigans? All of the above? On the plus side, I am actually rather looking forward to unseemly squabbling between Helen and Tom. About time Tom stopped being so nauseatingly supportive of his leech-like sister.

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It was the third para that tipped me over the edge. But yes, squabbling siblings at BF might be all right. As long as the squabbling is vicious. Stabbing would be even better,.

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