Radio Times Ambridge Diary June 7-10

Humble pie isn’t often to be found on Brian’s menu, but he’s forced to eat a large slice this week as the Aldridges remain in the Ambridge spotlight. He thinks he’s found a solution that could help his daughter, but with alcoholic Alice unwilling to engage and Jennifer at breaking point thanks to an unsympathetic response from a fellow villager, he faces a tough job. And all that’s before Peggy ends up making a startling admission to the family.
Chris, too, is continuing to struggle and is finding life without Alice difficult to deal with. Hence Harrison and Emma hatching a plan to cheer him up. But will Fallon play her part after finding her loyalties torn?

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


The current regime has really got it in for Brian, seemingly


I thought that they had lost the plot with both Brian & Jennifer with the ridiculous business of selling the farmhouse, & putting the majority of their things into storage.

So many ‘core’ characters appeared to have had complete personality changes…



If the scripties’ reference is now not the archive but the Who’s Who on the web site, it would explain many things.


I wonder about the furniture given to Hellqueen

The twittering one will soon blame Brine

Brine will try to buy Alice out of the booze