Radio Times Ambridge Diary June 8-11

This week the focus shifts to Bridge Farm, where everyone is trying to cope with the demand for veg boxes. When Helen is faced with a problem, Susan comes to the rescue with an idea, but it leaves Helen having to confront some demons from her past.
On a lighter note, Tony’s uncut hair is causing consternation within the family. But Tony himself is more worried about his grandson and ends up going too far - resulting in Johnny making a drastic decision.
Finally, Tom has a controversial plan that some members of his family don’t take to, while Natasha is struggling in light of recent events. Will she find a way through?

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


“Even in these times, nobody wants a manky cabbage.”

The ghost of the pony she murdered?

“Look, it’s only a five year contract, and they have nice hutches for the workers and everything!”


He’s going to shave his head isn’t he.


Or nail a fleece to it?


Hacking off Tony’s locks and gluing them to his own bonce, is what I thought.

But Armrest has prob’ly hit the nail on the, er, head.


As a person who began to lose his hair at bout 23 it saddens me … no, no it doesn’t, it bloody infuriates me, when people with a full head of hair shave it off.

I’d have that if I could (not the bit they’ve shaved off, more the ability to grow it). Insensitive bar-stewards.