Radio Times Ambridge Diary March 15-18

Eddie is making no secret of his fury following Lynda’s decision about the Mystery Plays and vows revenge. But a rash decision causes huge consternation, with even members of his own family taking umbrage. So, will Eddie back down or continue to pursue his grievance?
Ben has high expectations for his birthday, but when Leonard arrives with his gift, will Ben be left disappointed? We also get Alice struggling to come to terms with recent events, but there’s no saying that support will come before she’s overwhelmed. And Jazzer continues to brag about his heroics - all of which leads to a heart-to-heart with another village resident.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Bugger. That strongly suggests to me that the Carter spawn survives this week. Not even Jazzer would go on and ON about assisting at the farrowing if it had subsequently perished. I do not consider this a good or heartwarming development in any way.

And I have already had a bellyful of the feckin’ Mystery Plays.

‘Large meteorite wanted, no previous experience necessary.’


Yes, it’s looking that way. However, ‘reality bites’ for Alice and Chris on March 25. Might that be that FAS has been detected already? Considering the gallons of vodka downed and at what stage of the pregnancy, the child could display the facial characteristics of FAS.

(If you were looking for something heart-warming, that is.)


Thank you, Janie. You are a true friend ;- )


Well if Alan blesses the bairn it could go awry!


Ah, hopes dashed, I’m afraid. ‘No obvious signs’ it would appear.