Radio Times Ambridge Diary March 29-April 3


The village is in desperate need of a boost, so Shula and Kirsty organise a Fayre with a difference. Fallon, though, is struggling to gain interest in her Easter bonnet concept, but soon comes up with a twist that may just prove to be a winner. Kirsty, however, is left wondering whether her plans are appropriate in the wake of all that’s happened.
Good news at last comes to Brookfield and Ben is surprised to run into a young woman from his past. And there are celebrations for the Aldridges as Xander’s birth certificate comes through, but Brian has a controversial suggestion for Adam that succeeds in stirring up unpleasant memories …

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


“Name That Poison”
“Guess the Weight of Dynamite”
“Tunnel of Stabby Knives” (prop. H. Archer)


…p’raps they should have been more thorough when they checked the brakes in his nu-wheels…


Guess the weight of TheVicar?


The Felphersham zoo would not risk their weighbridges (used for checking the wieght of large mammals) so we couldn’t play guess the weight of the vicar…


Cut him up into manageable portions and weigh individually, reserving the blood and including it in the final total.
Honestly, some people’s problem-solving abilities are non-existent.


Do we test for floating before or after the dissection? And where do you want this truckload of piranha?


Usual place. Cheers, mate.