Radio Times Ambridge Diary March 4-9

It must be bad at Home Farm if flighty Kate thinks it’s down to her to save the business. Yes, the most unreliable member of the Aldridge clan is back from South Africa and making plans to increase revenue by accepting a group of urban kids into Spiritual Home. Expect a stumbling block to be hit almost instantly. Jennifer, meanwhile, continues to feed up Lexi like a prized calf.
Philip confides in Alistair that his fledgeling relationship with Kirsty is in trouble, thanks to an irrational fear. And it’s full steam ahead for Fallon and Harrison as they kit out their cottage - but their domestic bliss is shattered when they take on each other in Alan’s “no complaining for Lent” challenge.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from The Archers in Mustardland Board


“I’m afraid of losing my personality if I get involved with an Ambridge Woman.”

“That’s all right, you don’t have one anyway.”


“Did I not mention the model railway layout?”