Radio Times Ambridge Diary March April 12-15

Jazzer is keen to impress Tracy on their date, but I’m not sure that “suave and sophisticated” is what she’s expecting: she might not recognise him if he scrubs up too much. And talking about coming clean, how will everyone react when news about the romance breaks?
Elsewhere, Martha’s christening plans are taking shape and the aim appears to be to make everything one notch better than perfect. But the choice of godparents is set to cause a bit of a stink, while the buffet creates tensions in the Tea Room. With stress levels rising, expect Alice to make a shock decision. But who will come to her rescue, and might they end up regretting their decision?

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


The term is “houghmagandie”. Burns was fond of it.

“Oh? Fair enough.”

“Gin and vodka.”


For about a quarter of a second, I thought you were talking about Harrison. Though I suppose he is partial to a bit of houghmagandie.


He had some once at a fancy hotel in Norfolk.

Oh for pity’s sake, FOR LUNCH!