Radio Times Ambridge Diary May 7-12

Thanks to FleetingEileenM from Sue’s Mustardland

Jill, whose voice can have you reaching for the volume button at times, is on super-angry form, railing at David because she’s been kept in the dark about Brookfield’s troubling finances. The explanation that they didn’t want to worry her only makes her more annoyed. But will David let his mother foot the bill for their catalogue of errors?
Elsewhere, boardroom intrigue abounds as Matt gives a sales pitch to Justin’s horse-racing friend Latif, while Justin delegates a last-minute presentation to a grumpy Brian. Is Justin dedicating too much energy to battling Miranda in the divorce courts?
And, in pet-related news, will Anisha and Peggy fall out over treatment for an ailing Bill the cat?


Of course they will. Gotta have conflict or there’s no de-Rama.

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I’m more worried that Pip will get away with her reputation intact if all financial problems are taken care of by Granny Jill. And money will go a long way towards Ruth forgiving Pip, again, not a good thing!