Radio Times Ambridge Diary Nov 19-24

Prime suspect Justin must surely be the red herring in The Archers whodunnit? Far too obvious, in my opinion. And yet he continues to be the main focus of suspicion regarding the hit and run. Will he and Lilian be able to weather the storm?
Speaking of Lilian, she’s worried sick following last week’s bombshell and opts to confide in Peggy, who’s equally horrified. But as Lilian frantically tries to make amends, there’s another shock in store …
Away from all that, the vote closes in the parish council elections. But as Robert and Emma’s respective supporters gather, who will come out on top? And how will the losing team react?

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from the Bowman board


“Justin’s pinched all your money. Also, he’s been in partnership with Matt all the time.”

As the posters said about Alien vs Predator, all too accurately as it turned out: Whoever Wins, We Lose.