Radio Times Ambridge Diary November 30-December 4

Shocked by Philip’s plans for the future, Gavin tries to talk his dad out of a rash decision. Listeners longing for a shift in the balance of power may be left disappointed as Philip plots to keep Gavin quiet.
Roman continues to make his presence felt at rehearsals for the show, while Tracy’s plans for the festive season appear set to fall flat - until a fairy grandmother comes to the rescue.
Expect further trouble for the Horrobin clan when one of them is taken ill during the annual Christmas lights switch-on. Eddie learns a lesson that’s more valuable than the treasure he’s seeking, and one of David’s siblings leaves him in a state of despair.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Can they not just all die? Especially and repeatedly Eddie and Tracy. But, really, all of them.

Terrible waste of a pandemic and a Deadly Virus, imo.


Ambridge the Ghost Village?


Wasn’t there a village that lived by closing itself off during the Black Death?

And tenements in Glasgow that were walled up to contain those infected along with their healthy family members until all were dead?

Surely our own sweet limpet would not wish that on on our beloved village?


Eyam. But it wasn’t spared, particularly; it just stopped the contagion going further.

I would. Hours of fun.


SLBTM, Twellsy. Oh, sorry - term of art: Sounds Like Bollocks To Me.

Especially round Chris’n’Alice’s. Hee!