Radio Times Ambridge Diary Oct 21-26


Johnny is shocked to discover the truth about what’s been going on under his nose and is concerned that his domestic set-up may never be the same again. After facing tough questioning from Elizabeth, will he betray a confidence to spare her feelings?
Emma offers Jazzer relationship advice, but is the luckless romantic set to get his heart broken again?
Tom is on the receiving end of some stinging criticism, while Henry has something on his mind that leaves Helen unnerved - but is she overreacting?
Jill, meanwhile, offers one of her children a lifeline.
Lynda secures a venue for her Christmas show. If only she could solve her perennial problem with casting …

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


… so, no-one’s dead at the bottom of the tree walk then ? Even Elizabeth would feel that was a priority.


Would she? The priority would be to make it about herself!

I can’t think how Johnny betraying (presumably Freddie’s) confidence would spare Elizabeth’s feelings.

Who is going to give Tom stinging criticism? Helen is the obvious candidate, though she’s had a go at him recently. It could be Hannah. Natasha is not in the cast list, so I suppose it must not be her though as we all know the cast lists are not reliable.


Patiwnce, dere boy, patience…