Radio Times Ambridge Diary Oct 6-11

We’ve known it would be coming, but this week we bid farewell to Joe Grundy following actor Ted Kelsey’s death in April. The goodbye comes following fraught efforts to produce the Grundys’ famous cider, which are initially thrown into jeopardy thanks to a broken piece of equipment. Prepare for poignant scenes as the family unites after a difficult few months.
Over at Lower Loxley, meanwhile, Elizabeth approaches Lynda with a suggestion for an alternative Christmas show, but is left stunned by the response.
Lilian faces the consequences of Justin’s actions over the abattoir.
And Ian becomes overprotective of Xander when Kate offers to babysit for the afternoon - but is he right to be concerned?

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Drowned in cider. It’s how he would have wanted to go. (And this year’s batch will be especially tasty.)


…why am I reminded of the “Little Britain” episode where Vicky Pollard swaps her beybeh for a “Westlife” CD (…Westlife are crap anyway!)


I should know, I was once their webmaster.