Radio Times Ambridge Diary Oct 7-12 (paraphrased)

It’s the annual event once more where Lynda is attempting to press-gang Ambridge residents into treading the boards for the festive show. So far, mystery surrounds the show’s topic, but once Jim uncovers the intended purpose of Lynda’s plans, he may be a potential cast member.
Away from the stage drama, Peggy is full of guilt and so makes a possible suggestion with respect to Christine’s dilemma. However, can she keep her word on this occasion?
In other news, Tom pushes on both with his plans for Bridge Farm and Natasha.
In addition, Freddie loses his rag with Elizabeth, and a sudden and unexpected barney at Brookfield means the family needs to pull together. This is the final straw for one of the family, though …

Thanks to PinaGrigio from Peet’s Mustardland


Josh says f’kit ?

Or does Ben silently storm out ??