Radio Times Ambridge Diary October 23-28

Alice appears to be settling in at the Stables, and Oliver’s plans for a big Hunt Ball mean work for Brad & Mia - she’s thrilled, until she learns a bit more about the traditions involved.
Jill & Leonard prepare for the first guest in their new B&B room, while Peggy’s stained glass window commission could be causing cracks in her relationship with St Stephen’s.
Kate puts her foot in it, accusing Kirsty of sabotage when it comes to her beloved Spiritual Home business. In return, Kirsty calls in a favour, while Rex worries she’s overdoing it. Chelsea comes to an important decision, but how will this affect Ben & Beth - and what about Jazzer?

Thanks to PinaG of Peet’s Mustardland


Shoot. Me. Now.

(but thank you, Janie, for your early warning system. Scrapin’ a bunker wiv teaspoons, taking a while but hey! Bring yer own cushions/hipflasks/trowels)


The Most Tedious Game.