Radio Times Ambridge Diary October 26-29

The Brookfield siblings are both fighting to have their opinion heard, so expect a rowdy old week of it. Ben wants things his own way and just won’t take no for an answer, despite Ruth’s concerns. Pip, meanwhile, is getting herself in trouble with the Fairbrother boys.
All credit to Freddie for tackling the Christmas show, but there’s more at stake than he realises, which may leave some wondering if he’ll be able to pull it off.
And Susan finds comfort in the company of her daughter-in-law Alice, but the encounter could leave Alice with more questions than answers. And will she be in any mood to listen when Jennifer, too, offers advice?

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Pip and Ben are mentioned so I guess it is Josh who has been forgotten this time. Makes a change after all the years of the missing Ben I suppose, but why can’t they lose Pip for once? Or forever. Please.

Wot, both of them? At the same time? Surely even D & R will raise their eyebrows at that!


Sadly he didn’t land on it right to break its neck, so he’ll have to beat it to death. Still, a good effort.

“Oh, yes, I had a bottle or two of gin a day with Chris, and it didn’t do him any harm did it?”