Radio Times Ambridge Diary (paraphrased) July 22-27

An unlikely source of boiling stress and angst is this week’s village fete. Emma is trying to draw attention to her fight about the cheapie homes issues, and Lynda and Lilian verge on the trading of punches because of claims of cheating during the Pets’ Party Pieces events. Feel for Neil the judge who is at his wits’ end.
Stand by for theatrics at Brookfield as Pip discovers she’s in an unexpected location at an unexpected time - who will come to her aid what with Ruth occupied elsewhere and no sign of Toby?
Elizabeth’s intention of offering more support to Lily go wrong when she encourages Lily to share openly with Phoebe about being a ‘lesbian’.
We conclude with Jill receiving a reminder of former times, Alistair having difficulty in eating humble pie, and we see two sentimental farewells.

Thanks to PinaGrigio from Peet’s


Rex (evens)
David, miracle of grandfatherhood etc. 5-1
Helen 8-1


Got to be Rex.

After all this time of yearning possibly not the first sighting of the Royal foo-foo that he’d dreamt of !!


If we were being disgusting, and it would appear that we are, I might be tempted to share with you a delightful and poetic description of the view at the business end at the point when push, as it were, comes to shove.

'like a catcher’s mitt full of lasagne ’

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