Radio Times Ambridge Diary Sep 16-21 (paraphrased)

Ambridge continues to be abuzz with gossip about Freddie’s charges, so the criminal himself feels safest lurking at the Stables. Perhaps Johnny can add a dose of common sense to his ol’ mate?
Elizabeth is beset by worries about the collapse of her clan, and sobs all over Shula as a result.
Back in the cricket world, it’s Ambridge v Darrington for the last game of the season, and an ancient foe tries to wind up Harrison. Bridges remain unrepaired between Kenton and Fallon, so Jolene dons her UN mediation hat at the end-of-season team party, but can she achieve peace in our time?
And Jill is determined to secure success at the Ambridge Flower and Produce Show, but is ignorant of Brian’s cunning plans. How will Jennifer react when she learns the truth?

Thanks to PinaGrigio from Peet’s Mustardland


The only thing we can be sure of at the Flower and Produce Show is that the Nic Memorial Pie is going to win a prize.


Aye. Best Corpse Pasty Evvah! With Poppy garnish.


“Yes, I know he’s a waster, but in a moment of complete insanity I married him – probably because he’d been with Kathy, and it was a habit by then – so…”

“No, this is the only batch I’ll make.”


See elseboard for ingredients. This fuckwit tablet thought I meant ‘sideboard’.
Bring shovels and masks. And thyme, with a shaving of !emon…
I don’t know why I bother tbh

As to the pastry…