Radio Times Ambridge Diary September 28-Oct 1

Jolene is struggling with her campaign to promote The Bull. Might the “naughty milkman” she’s hired not actually be naughty enough? Thankfully, such concerns seem trivial after she hears some hot gossip from Elizabeth, who may well be getting herself in too deep …
Lilian feels guilty about her confrontation with Lynda and fears the worst when she’s summoned to the B&B. But might the two frenemies finally bury the hatchet?
Gavin falls on his sword to save Philip. Jazzer attempts to manipulate others for his own gain. And Alice is weighed down by her secret and reaches out to an unexpected person, but the advice she receives might result in tragedy.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


“Oh, right, I’ll up my game and rob the post office.”

“If only I hadn’t called the Buckfast Marketing Department!”


Well that sounds lovely, but I’m not holding me breath.


Oh please try dear limpet

I love a purple shell

This week does look as if we might be entertained