Lilian is still reeling from last week’s bombshell and confides in Peggy who is equally horrified.
The police, meanwhile, are relaunching the hit and run investigation - and there’s more shocking news in the air. Justin is prime suspect, but is that just a red herring? His wedding plans are hold and the stress is building on him. Will Justin and Lilian survive it all?
Jim and Lynda are supporting their respective candidates as the voting closes. Who will be the winner and how will the losing team take defeat?
Pip and Toby are still to sort things out.
Ruth has exciting plans about Brookfield for Pip.
Alan is behind schedule with the church nativity plans.
The panto rehearsals leave a lot to be desired - which will probably surprise no one listening.
Rex is there to support Anisha through her mother’s funeral.
Ian and Lexi team up to embark on a secret mission. Christmas bookings are down at Grey Gables so they do a bit of spying to suss out the opposition. Will Ian be able to keep his mind on such a thing with so much happening at home?

An amalgamation of two radio/TV guides paraphrased by Toffee from Peet’s


eh? Baffled.

Well, it turns out you can’t actually run yourself over. At least not easily.


[quote=“JustJanie, post:1, topic:760”]
Ruth has exciting plans about Brookfield for Pip.
[/quote]Oh ffs !!!


Quaite, armers, dere. Will to live at a somewhat low ebb at present.

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