Invitations for Justin and Lillian’s wedding are sent round Borsetshire, but not everyone’s happy to get one.
Elizabeth is working flat out at Lower Loxley to get the preparations for the reception sorted, but how can she iron out any problems when the bride to be has gone to ground?
Trying to organise an 18th birthday party for the twins at the same time is driving her up the wall. Freddie isn’t particularly interested. Nolly is even worried about the company he’s keeping - can she talk sense into him?
Lilian might be hard for Elizabeth to find, but she does pop up in an unusual place. She has unfinished business and Brian finds himself roped in as an unwilling confidant.
David and Ruth can’t understand why Pip is not keen on moving into Rickyard Cottage, specially as they are giving it to their darling little Pipsqueak rent-free. What more does she want?! Why isn’t she telling them they are the best Mummy and Daddy in the whole world? Could it have anything to do with her new boyfriend Alfie?
The Grundys are after Rex’s blood, banning him from Grange Farm and accusing him of copying their promotional idea to boost turkey7 sales.
Copying the Grundys? The mind boggles.
Can’t leave out a Christmas mention and Alan is regretting his offer to help with the panto. His casting suggestions get a very frosty reception.

An amalgamation of two radio/TV guides paraphrased by Toffee from Peet’s


I wonder who gives a monkey’s about getting an invite ??

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Traditionally, the wicked fairy.