While the villagers process events at the Hunt Ball, Lilian is unsettled by news from an old contact, and confides all to someone.
The two of them plan to play detective and solve the mystery. Nothing prepares them for what they encounter, though.
David and Ruth return from holiday, stunned at what they hear has happened in their absence.
Roy is still reeling from his shocking discovery. Lexi is there to support him, but his attempts to put things right backfires spectacularly with what could be potentially life-changing consequences for more than one person.
Harrison is the bearer of bad news for someone.
Awkward questions are being asked about the night of the Hunt Ball.
Justin issues an ultimatum he might live to regret.
Alistair wants Shula to promote the vet business within the riding fraternity, but something is worrying her.
Pip secretly gets together again with Toby. This puts Elizabeth in an uneasy position when David starts asking questions.
Adam and Ian prepare to meet potential surrogate Carina.

An amalgamation of two radio/TV guides paraphrased by Toffee from Peet’s


Jeez, it really IS East-Enders in a field looking at that lot.


What can Roy’s shocking discovery be? I thought it was the CCTV footage but that his attempts to ‘put things right’ backfire doesn’t sound like that is the case.
And I’m getting a bit confused about Lilian’s ‘old contact’ - which I was thinking would be this Philomena, the one who had to be persuaded to sell a horse to Matt - and the ‘someone’ she confides in. Who can that be? Please tell me it’s not Adam!
Oh, and are Ruth and David ‘stunned’ to hear about Matt’s accident or ‘stunned’ to learn about some stupidity perpetrated by Pip. I do hope the latter. I don’t want to hear the Dopeys exclaiming of the accident and Ruth doing the concerned voice.


[quote=“JustJanie, post:3, topic:731”]
Ruth and David ‘stunned’ to hear about Matt’s accident or ‘stunned’ to learn about some stupidity perpetrated by Pip.


In last week’s upcoming it said that Ed & Pip disagree about something on the farm, she does the “it’s MY farm, Eeeeddddd”, ignores him & it all goes boosoms up.


Well, yes, I’m hoping it’s something really, really disastrous and publicly disastrous at that and that this time Ed doesn’t keep quiet as he did about the escaped cattoo.