Radio Times/Total TV Guide Nov Dec 3-8

It’s all quiet on the Justin and Lillian wedding plans front, which concerns her family. When Jennifer faces Lilian about Matt, she has to face the truth. Can she and Justin do the same about their wedding? When they are finally forced into a decision, what will it be?
Justin gets a surprise visit from the police.
Emotions are running high at Lower Loxley as Elizabeth plans for Deck the Halls. December always brings memories of Nigel.
Pip is still in a spin about her discovery and begs her aunt to keep it to herself. But is she going to tell Toby, and what’s her best course of action?
To the surprise of no one listening, I’m sure, the panto rehearsals descend into chaos - don’t they every year?!
The launch of Ian’s Grey Gables Christmas menu turns sour when Brian makes an off-colour comment on the subject of infertility.
Harrison has still got his suspicions about the hit and run, but his boss is more focused on the Melling equestrian.
Joe and Eddie invite Jim to the first tasting of the Tumble Tussock cider. We eagerly await his verdict …

An amalgamation of two radio/TV guides paraphrased by Toffee from Peet’s


Pip’s discovery … & is she going to tell Toby ???

My head is spinning.