Lilian tells all to Adam about Matt’s unexpected offer so he goes off to confront Matt himself. Who will come off worse? Hard to imagine Matt letting Adam get the better of him.
Not knowing the reason for Lilian’s odd behaviour, Jenny suggests a bit of retail therapy, a trip which takes an unexpected turn.
Shula and Alistair try to deal with the rumours about incompetence at the stables. Shula has her suspicions about who was spreading nasty lies in the first place, but she’s playing a dangerous game when she gets caught up in a cat and mouse game with an old enemy … And Anisha’s replacement causes problems from the start.
Roy has to step up at Grey Gables for the interviews for a new restaurant manager. He gets a shock when a familiar face turns up as one of the candidates.
Things are looking good for Ian. The list of would-be surrogates is growing as he prepares to meet one from actually outside the regular cast! - this time a woman called Carina.
Robert and Emma are out canvassing support for the parish elections.
Rex pays a visit to Anisha in Scotland.
Freddie and Nolly decide to take up a risky hobby.
And it’s holiday time for David and Ruth.

An amalgamation of two radio/TV guides paraphrased by Toffee from Peet’s