Re-run cricket story

I have a memory that Iftikar coached the women as well as the men, and that there was a match arranged for them back in 2012.

So why is women being able to play cricket being presented as such a completely new idea in 2017?

And since there was women’s cricket then, why was Usha not interested when she was five years younger?


Collective amnesia? Happens a lot round these them parts.

Alternatively, and more worrying, perhaps she was so busy having MBS with Bunter at that time in her youth that she wasn’t attracted by the prospect of Ifty, cricket or teas.

(Have been a bit sick when writing that).


Silent worry about Farmageddon may have distracted her?

Possibly because hardly any of the characters involved are still speaking: Jamie, Rosa, Na’alie…

I was assuming that the difference this time was that it was a mixed team, rather than separate men’s and women’s, but a quick look at Lowfield reveals that it was a mixed team then, too:

Tuesday 17th July 2012
Natalie and Rosa have a rather obviously jealous encounter during the match. Jamie is out for 7. It’s not looking good. Jamie thinks the girls can’t even play but Alistair tells him to be more sporting. Ambridge only get 57 which Alistair says because they are all in a rush. Jamie carries on making out they aren’t playing fair and starts bowling bouncers. He just sulks. Natalie is not impressed. She accepts that St Mag’s were the better side. But she now thinks the girls should be considered for the regular team. Alistair agrees to look into it.

Oh, yeah, back when Jamie was trying to get involved with, well, anything really.

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