Really, Kirsty?


Do people really get together with an ex they mostly haven’t seen all year in order to celebrate the miscarriage of their child?

Is this usual behaviour and I have missed it?


I have been pondering suitable food for this anti-celebration and came up with some thoroughly tasteless ideas which you dont want to hear. No, really, you don’t.

No, it is not usual behaviour. It is warped in the extreme. But with any luck it will send Tom back into a deep baby-deprived decline in the depths of which, driven by insane jealousy and resentment, he slaughters Pip and possibly Toby too,along with Helen, Henwy and the rapelet, before doing away with himself.

A Gus can dream.

Is the pollution seeping through Borsetshire from the Home Farm site responsible for the abnormal broodiness of the Ambridge males? It’s a very unattractive, as well as unbelievable, trait.


The Miasma from the Am was doing a pretty good job even before the retroactive pollution got to it.

That does remind me, though, we ought to plan something to celebrate the anniversary of Stabnight (3 April).


Stabnight was a failure, Hedgers.

Mind you, so was Kirsty’s miscarriage…


I’m not eating tuna bake (or ‘catfood pasta’ as I prefer to call it) for anyone, no matter how good the cause.

“First, define your terms”. It was a roaring success, in my book, resulting as it did in No Actual Baby. I wonder if the Godawful Green Goddess of Ambridge is actually aware that about the worst thing one can do in environmental terms, living in a first world country and with first world expectations, is to reproduce?


I did suggest “Prick A Prick Day” a while back…

Should we celebrate on the 3rd or 4th? Although it was broadcast on the former, IIRC Plodette later established that it actually happened on the latter? And how to celebrate? Tuna kebabs?


Qu’est-ce que c’est ce custard, qu’on fout partout?

(Mon cher, c’est un crime Anglais… )


Oh well played!


< raises bat, doffs cap, leaves field via the gentlemen’s gate. Then slips on the pavilion steps wot some rotter has greased >


Properly weird that is. You have to worry about the mind of a SW that would think that up.


I could see it as “phew, we messed up but didn’t get landed with a brat”… but I don’t think that’s the situation here.


Speaking of which, will we be spared the anniversary of when it would have been born? And every subsequent birthday? Not forgetting ‘this would have been its first day at school, graduation, marriage’ … maybe some ghostly children of the Lost Child?

No need to thank me …


Can’t argue with that :wink: