RIP Katie, hen of hens…


I think he means his cockerel rather than any bee who might be around, Soo.


How - apart from probably a trifle windswept - is Jilly? And what does Soo (the roo Soo, not the bee Soo) reckon?


Well, after a couple of days enforced confinement, Jilly finally made her first public appearance this morning:

Pretty much her first act on getting loose was to start flirting outrageously with Tysie and Kiki. Can’t see Soo being too impressed…


She’s a real beauty, Joe!


What a handsome bird!


And doesn’t she know it! Small wonder she went straight over to check out the local “pretty boys”!


Joe…has Jilly chosen her chap yet or doesn’t it work like that ? :grinning:


Still checking the menu, I think…


Good Girl, she needn’t be too hasty on choosing :grinning:


Well - she moved coop today. Very strange - almost as soon as she got out she started eyeing up the neighbours. We can only surmise that Bella has a calming influence - being a silkie, she just wants to mother everyone! Whatever the reason, she seems to have been accepted almost at once, when she really didn’t get on with the other two.


There’s a good wee hen. Atta Jilly. Hope that all settles down most harmonious in the coop.


And now Cissie… Went to let them out this morning and found her dead in the nest box. Not a happy day. Probably a heart attack, so at least it was probably quick. And I suppose we do have Bonnie to remember her by.


I’m so sorry, Joe; the “like” is of sympathy, not because I am pleased by this news.


Oh joe, not a happy day at all. I’m sorry.


I am so sorry, joe.
Poor Cissie and poor you.
So sorry for this late response.
Soo xx


And now - a year to the day after Katie died - Tilly II, one of the Crettyard Crew, was mauled to death by a bastard of a terrier that some irresponsible little shit allowed to run free. Having killed one, it attacked Bella (the silkie) and Bonnie. Poor Bella lost all her tail feathers trying to defend the two of them - will have to get her to the vet to check there’s no other damage.

Heard all of them giving loud distress calls yesterday - thought it was the weather (had to keep them in all day) but now suspect that dog must have been round then, too. Nothing for it now but to keep them all in until we can build a secure run.

Not happy.


That is very bad, and very sad, Joe. I am so sorry. Did you get a crack at the terrier at all, or were you too late?


That is so sad. Irresponsible dog owners deserve shooting.


That’s not a ‘Like’ for what has happened, Joe

Really sorry about this

Carinthia. xx


Gawds, joe.
I am so sorry for your poor hens and for your understandable unhappiness.
Soo xx