RIP Katie, hen of hens…


Sad day here. Poor old Katie passed away last night. Not exactly unexpected - she was old when she arrived and hadn’t been the best for a while - but even so…

At least she had the chance to share some of her opinions upthread


Sorry to hear that, Joe.


Thanks - she appreciated her fan club!



Exequias ite frequenter, aves!


I am raising a glass to the memory of Katie: we knew her for such a short time, but she made such a great impression!


She was good at that! When we decided she needed company (having been advised that being solitary is very stressful for hens) she spent four days giving everybody who came to the door the benefit of her (contrary) opinion, before finally reaching some sort of accommodation with the “interloper”. The postman was particularly bemused.


R.I.P. Katie.
May your new wings afford you high-flying, such that you can continue to deposit your contrary opinions in bemusing ways.
Soo xx


Thanks Soo! Katie will be watching from the top right of my every post; if she disapproves of anything, we’ll know all about it…

Katie Opines…


And now RIP Tilly. A bit of a shock after she seemed to be rallying yesterday. The only consolation is that this time we know we did everything we could and, as part of that, we found a wonderful vet.


oh joe, I’m very sorry to hear that.


I’m sorry, Joe.

How to console Soo?


Really sorry to read this, Joe



Just been down to the market in Kilkenny. Welcome Jilly…

Brown leghorn - will sneak her into the coop once it’s fully dark and Soo and Cissy are asleep. Pics later, all being well…


Gosh, I am so sorry, joe. I am waving at Jilly and wish her a comfortable settling-in.
Soo xx


Welcome Jilly, RIP Tilly. Hope all goes well.


Sympathies, Joe.


Thanks again, everyone. It really is appreciated.

Meanwhile, Jilly is showing signs of being a bit of a character - she made a bid for freedom when I was getting fresh water for her. You would not believe how high they can launch themselves from a standing start! Thankfully we had her in a secure place, so all she could do was wander round a half-built conservatory, commenting (rather disparagingly, I thought) on everything she saw - me included!

Next adventure will be introducing her to her new family; I expect we will be relying heavily on Soo’s diplomatic skills…


Sounds as though Jill considers herself above her company, Joe!


Now I have a vision of a very smart and dapper rooster nudging a somewhat bewildered hen towards a tray of Ferrero Rocher.

Nurse! I’m out of bed again.


I’m becoming confused.
Soo xx