Scaling and Replies

Two things.

I generally use a tablet and can’t scale the page - is it possible to fix it?

If I reply to a post it also appears as a standalone post, which is a bit confusing.

The mobile interface should kick in automatically when it sees a tablet-type browser. You could try sending a different user-agent I suppose.

There’s a distinction between the grey-on-white Reply (“reply to this post”), which I’m doing here and which shows your username at the top of the edit box, and the white-on-blue Reply (“reply to this thread”). Even if you reply to a particular post, if it’s the next post in the thread it won’t have any special navigation marks to help you find the previous post because it’s right there above. Does that help, or is there something else going on?

On the scaling, the parent site scales fine but not the plugin. I’ve checked on WordPress and the examples work ok, so I don’t think it’s the user agent.