Snakes & Ladders, a cardboard cow AND leafing through family photos


They’ve really got the hang of this radio thing, haven’t they?


I’ve just been informed that:

Your topic is similar to…

Really, Kirsty?

How, exactly? Apart from sharing an adverb?


I suppose the “cardboard cow” might have something to do with it…


If anyone can make any sense out of this board’s idea of what resembles what else, I’d love to know!


joe, I luvs you. Thassorl.

Well, apart from the magisterial non-writing of a sour line from Emmur about what the snakes and ladders illustrated and how she’n’Ed knew that already, thank you very much. Unusual restraint, I felt. On all their parts.


I also think it was being flagged - perhaps mischievously - that Fiona and Alistair are not quite so closely related as he has believed.