Snout Out, Shula


What is going on between your ex-husband and his father is NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS and you should keep your prurient curiosity to yourself. All you will do is make matters worse – and with luck you will be roundly and universally condemned, but it may be too late for Jim by then.


And if the problem - its type, if not the specifics - isn’t blindingly obvious to the thick-headed, rhino-hided bitch by now after ‘Ally’ and his pathetic attempts at discretion, she needs taking out and shooting.

Um. Yes, she does need that anyway, you’re all quite right. Tarring & feathering, dragged through the umpteen parishes and then the remains shot? Works for me.


Agree and agree, my fury with the bloody woman is now at boiling point. It was only due to her interference that Jim told Alistair and Jazzer the details in the first place, when he would undoubtedly worked it through on his own if he’d been left alone, just as he must have done in the past to have survived as many years as he has with his sanity intact.

There is a very steep hill called Slieau Whallian in IoM, with a grisly history - witches were rolled down it nailed into a barrel lined with long sharp spikes. I know the way to the top…


I’ve got some spikes anna hammer. I was proposing to use them more directly.


Quite, Sparrer. Why trash a good barrel when gravity is on your side anyway. Also, Shula’s arse takes a plus size, barrel-wise.