So Parasitical Home…


…won’t survive the association with contaminated land. I’m sure there are plenty of pristine locations available elsewhere. I wonder how viable Kate’s alleged business would be if she actually had to pay rent?


It was a bit of a disappointment that it isn’t actually that land which is being flogged off. oh well.


I don’t see that the land nearby belonging to someone else instead of Adam should make a blind bit of difference to Kate. It’s not as if Home Farm is an organic concern or something.


Has it been profitable at any time?! Also, the way she treats her parents and their house - they should sell her off!


Hear hear!

I doubt that it has ever made enough for her to live on even in a rent-free cottage; that is why she is still living off her parents, in their house and eating at their expense, and having to ask them for hand-outs when she wants to take her daughter up to London for the day.


She tried to borrow money off Adam the other day, claiming she hadn’t been to the bank. She has the income from her cottage - I assume, though maybe only in the summer, we never hear of anyone in there or efforts made to market it or even clean it - while she sponges off her parents, I wonder if that income (if there is any) is covering up some of the losses of Spiritual Home.


You think she’d bother? She’d just ask for another handout.

I wonder what sort of return Debbie’s got on her investment?


Yeah, she probably wouldn’t. She’s not subtle enough to cook the books to make it look as though Spiritual Home was making a profit until the pollution scandal broke, which was the sort of thing I had in mind. Mind you, the way she is talking now, you’d think it had been a goldmine right up to the scandal and no one contradicts her. And no one, not even Debbie, asks for an accounting. Brian and Jennifer may not have poured money into it directly, but by letting her use their land and scrounge anything she wants from the house as well as giving her full board and keep, they’re subsidising it very heavily and they don’t seem to care.


They’ve tolerated her … & spoilt her … for decades. She will be bemused at the tide turning.

Her business, by the way, was JUST about to turn good. Just as things have soured. Who’da thought ?


“One of her greatest achievements”

And that, Phoebe, is precisely why no one takes her seriously.


What are her others?


Not been strangled by anybody.